Wednesday, June 20, 2012

John Locke...Poor Writer but Intruiging Stories

I read both these books by John Locke.   His books are almost like day time talk shows, they're terrible but you can't turn them off.  I don't really recommend either of these unless you have not much else to do.  I was mor intrigued by the cover of bad doctor than anything and then it was such a quick read I decided to read another. 

Anyways, moral of the story is don't judge a book by its cover.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Book 2 :: Lies Chelsea Told Me

I got this book back when I met Chelsea Handler at the Boulder Bookstore, when she did a book signing.  Surprisingly, she was a bit more haggard than I expected but I guess that could happen when you drink a ton.

Anyways, this book almost made me pee my pants because she is so evil to her friends and it is hilarious.  I think the consensus with all my friends is that this book is super funny and completely entertaining.  I couldn't put it down.

Go buy it.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bikes are supposed to be fun... Aaron Ross has got it right

I saw this video thanks to Twitter about 5 minutes ago.  Aaron Ross is right, bikes are supposed to be fun and social.  That's how we all started riding.  It was a mode of transportation to see friends, something we can bond over.

Those of us that have turned riding around on two wheels into a hobby lose sight of this.  We get caught up in having to be fast or the best.  We all race for personal reasons but the best part is before the race shooting the shit with your buddies and other racers and after doing the same thing and talking about how much we all suffered.

Individual pain but shared among others.  The best days on the bike are those you spend talking with your friends no matter how fast or slow you go.  Accomplishing things with others creates a great bond and meaningful relationships.

Anyways, enough philosophy just watch the damn video:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Your Daily Dose of Drama

This is funny.  I applaud TNT because I have no idea what the hell I would do if I pushed the red button.  Great Marketing!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Denim Porn

I love jeans. Period. I wear them everyday and don't feel very comfortable when I am not in denim pants.  I even used to write a blog on jeans and got to talk to the Social Media folks over at Levi's.  I love the following video for ROY Jeans.  Watching things get made is extremely cool.